Usefull informations

Both flight companies Ryanair and Easyjet fly regularly to Essaouira or Marrakech. The prices depend on the day of departure, and vary between 200€ and 400€ return-ticket.

Ryanair: regular flights to Marrakech from Bergerac, Dole, Marseille, Paris, Tours, Brussel, Eindhoven, Francfort, Londres, Madrid, Barcelone, Sevilla, Milano, Pisa and Rome.

Easyjet: regular flights to Marrakech from Paris, Bale, Berlin, Genève, Londres, Madrid, Manchester and Milano.

From Paris, regular flights to Essaouira are proposed by Ryanair and Royal Air Maroc. Direct flights to Essaouira are proposed by Ryanair & Transavia; And from the spring 2015 by Easyjet also.

From the airport of Marrakech, the taxi will take you to the city for 100 Dirhams (about 10 €) during daytime and in the night/early morning for 150 Dirhams (about 15 €). During daytime till midnight, there is also a bus for 30 Dirhams:

To come to Essaouira (180 km), Agadir, Taroudant, Agdz and M'Hamid (Sahara), one can take a Taxi/Minibus or there is a possibility to rent a car (PW/4x4). Buses are driving regularly (Informations at the train station or directly at the company Supratours or CTM).

Tip Taxi(from 2 to 4 persons) Rent a car
Marrakech/Essaouira 40€/person 30€/day (PW - Dacia Logan 4 doors)
100€/day 4x4 (That for the desert with driver)
Essaouira/Taroudant 60€/person
Taroudant/Agdz 60€/person
Agdz/M'Hamid 40€/person
M'Hamid/Tisselday 60€/person
Tisselday/Marrakech 40€/person


Fly to Marrakech, the "pearl of the South", and experience the world-famous market-place "Djemaa el Fna" with all its mystical charm of oriental story-tellers, snake-charmers and jugglers…
In the evening, sample the food stalls on the market square with all their fresh ingredients cooked before you. Spend the night afterwards in one of the wonderful Riads (small hotels) in middle of the old part of the town, the Medina.

Riad Samsli: This wonderful Riad of the italian-french owner Franck with 8 rooms, Hammam and a Massage saloon is in the centre of the Medina, a 5 minutes walk from the main square "Jemaa El Fna".


Is a very romantic harbour-town on the Atlantic-coast (180km to the west of Marrakech) with white houses, blue shutters and many narrow and tiny alleys. Thanks to this splendid back-drop there has been many movies made (for example „Othello“ from director Orson Welles and „Kingdom of Heaven“ from Ridley Scott). Since 2001 the city has been registered on the list of UNESCO, world-heritage sites.

The traditional industry of fishing is now secondary to the booming tourism industry but is still an important source of income and one can enjoy eating freshly grilled fish down at the port, the market Souk with all the colourful textiles, aromatic spices and attractive living-accessories, is calling you to make a Shopping trip, and the numerous coffee-shops and restaurants in the alleys and on the roof-terraces are the best place to just watch the world go by and relax.

The highlight of the year is the gnaoua-music-festival, which takes place every year in June with more than 100'000 festival-visitors!

Essaouira is, because of it’s frequent wind and beach, a well known place for Surfers (best known for wind surfing and kite surfing!!). Slightly further south down the coast, the beautiful nature-reserve and beach "Sidi Kaouki" is a peaceful place to swim and sunbathe and the beach of "Diabat" is a very nice place for horse-riding... (2 hours 25€ / 4 hours 35€ / 1 day incl. meal 60€ and transport!).

At the beach of "Diabat" is also the new golf-course Mogador (Green fee 18 holes 70€ incl. Taxi-transport Médina-golfcourse!).

" On organise volontier les excursions incl. le transport! "


This town is situated between Agadir (the sea) and Ouarzazate (the mountains). The city is offering a beautiful Médina with one of the nicest and most charming hotel.

Dar Tourkia: This wonderful Riad offers 10 double rooms, a Hammam, a terrace with a big Swimming-pool, a terrace on top of the roof with a nomad tent and a view over the huge garden.

Agdz - Vallée du Drâa

This small village is situated at the entrance of the "Vallée du Draa", in middle of palmtrees. One can enjoy this wonderful place by spending a night in one of the most beautiful Kasbah and Riad with a charming atmosphere.

Riad Dar Qamar: This confortable Riad offers 7 double rooms, a terrace with a big Swimming-pool, a Hammam and a Patio for breakfast and dinner. There is also Internet access.

Kasbah Azul: la Kasbah traditionelle se trouve à la fin d'un village berbère et dispose 7 chambres, une grande piscine avec jardin, accès WIFI gratuit.

M'Hamid - Désert Sahara

Along the tortuous route you can feel your heart racing as you wind your way through spectacular mountain scenery and the lush green palm-valley "Vallée du Draa", before arriving at the last southern village called "M’Hamid" – here starts the desert-track into the Sahara and the real adventure: the life of the Tuaregs!

Bivouac: You’re sleeping in authentic nomadic tents (with beds), in a bivouac (with showers & toilets), situated amidst rolling sand dunes and you’re eating traditional Tajin or a real Couscous. In the evening, you can take part in the traditional music and singing sessions in front of the camp fire or you can take a romantic stroll barefoot into the dunes to study the magnificent night sky in all its glory with a milky way like you have never seen before...

Caravane: The camels and the guides will be ready and waiting at the bivouac for your caravan experience: they are members of a music-group called Zaila, an association which has a philosophy of non-profit making and environmentally friendly tourism. They’re protecting the Sahara, that’s why you’ll not be travelling by car or 4x4 jeep, instead you’ll travel by foot or on camel back!.

The caravan will head through the nicest parts of the desert to the dunes of "Chegaga" or, depending on your choice of tour, to the higher dunes of "Erg Smar", which are part of a nature-reserve.

During the day and in the evening, you’ll enjoy great food thanks to the wonderful Tuareg cooks cooking over the open fire and you’ll drink the tasty peppermint-tea. Finally, by the end of the day, you’ll sleep under the starry sky or depending on the temperature, in a tent.


 village dans la montagne de l'Atlas:
Riad I Rocha: This charming hotel is situated in middle of the mountains, direction Ouarzazate. It offers 8 double rooms, Hammam, a big swimming-pool and a nice terrace with view over the rocks.

Ait Ben Haddou

Riad Caravane: Cette Kasbah traditionelle offre 8 chambres, piscine et une terrasse avec vue sur le village et l'Atlas. WIFI en libre accès.

Climate of Morocco

The variety within Morocco can be clearly seen by the different climatic zones. For instance, in one day you’re passing through snow in the High Atlas and you’re ending finally at the dunes of the Sahara. Throughout the trip towards there, you can experience all seasons!

At the sea, there is an all-year-round constant mild temperature because of the wind - in contrast, it might be a bit warm in land and very hot in the south. In the desert, the temperature can increase in summer to 45 degrees in the shade.

That’s why it’s better to travel in springtime, autumn or even in winter, when the temperature is still reaching 20 degrees during the daytime and towards evening it’s getting a bit chilly…

Essaouira Ouarzazate Desert
Jan 19 17 24
Feb 20 20 24
Mar 21 23 28
Apr 22 27 32
May 23 31 34
June 24 31 38
July 26 39 45
Aug 28 38 45
Sep 26 33 38
Oct 24 27 34
Nov 22 21 28
Dec 20 17 26

Geography: Morocco is reaching a distance of more than 3400km, there is the Atlantic Oceon in the West (180km from Marrakech) and the Mediterranean Sea in the North. In the South the Sahara desert (800km away from Marrakech/Essaouira) forms the natural boarder.

Time-difference: 1-2 hours time-difference from Europe. For example: Europe 12.00am, Morocco 10/11am).

Population: Morocco is estimated to have approximately 30 million inhabitants in total.

Language: Arabic is the classic and official language. The different dialects can be heard all over the country. French of varying abilities can be spoken throughout.

Kitchen: Moroccan cuisine is said to be one of the best in the world: from fresh fish, Méchoui (a whole lamb), Tajines (all kinds of meat with vegetables), Couscous, honey- or almond-cake, yoghurt, to the Moroccan wine (white, rosé, red) and of course the imported Italian beer „Baladin“ should not be missed! But peppermint-tea is still considered to be the national drink…

Clothes: The huge changes in temperature demand a range of clothing which should protect from the heat during the daytime as well as providing for the cooler moments during night times. Sun protection is very important (the „Chech“ a turban/headdress which you can buy there), sunglasses and sun cream are necessary, a small knife, torch, sleeping bag, sandals and closed but light sport shoes (no heavy mountain boots) are useful. Other additions to your luggage include a first aid kit, wet wipes, toilet paper (which should not be left in the sand but burnt on the fire) and you may wish to take a camera and a book with you for the camel caravan.

Shopping: Morocco is famous for its traditional handicrafts: pottery, textiles, carpets, jewellery, wooden statues, iron(lamps) and leather goods (bags, shoes) can all be bought everywhere! Most of the shops are in the old part of the city, the Medina, or you can find all these things on the market, in the Souk, where bartering is a normal and expected way of life. For those who prefer fixed prices one can go to the “Ensemble Artisanals“ to shop.

Money: The currency in Morocco is called Dirhams. Import and Export of their money is not allowed! It is best to take Euros with you in cash, to exchange on arrival. With the EC-Card you can withdraw money from every bank and in some shops or restaurants you can even pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Down in the South of Morocco (M’Hamid) there are no banks just post-offices and you should take enough cash with you for the duration of your stay there. (1€ = 11 DH).
Vous pourrez toutefois utiliser des distributeurs de billets avec votre Carte de crédit pour retirer des Dirhams directement. Dans certaines régions du Sud (M'Hamid), il vous sera impossible d'utiliser votre Carte de crédit, vous devrez donc penser à partir avec suffisamment d'argent sur vous.

Passeport: To enter Morocco you need a valid passport (longer than 6 months), a certificate of identity is not good enough! (You need to have your passport stamped when you enter and when you leave Morocco). Without a visa you can stay up to 3 months in the country.

Driving: The European driving licence is acceptable in Morocco, and will be required for car-rental. If you’re driving your own car, you should have the car licence and the green card (assurance) with you.


Grands taxis/Minibus

The Grand Taxi (Mercedes) accept between 2 and 4 persons or the Minibus (Hyundai) offers space for max. 6 persons.
  • Aéroport Marrakech - Hotel/Riad : 15.00 €
  • Marrakech - Essaouira : 40.00 € / person
  • Essaouira - Taroudant : 60.00 € / person
  • Taroudant - Marrakech: 60.00 € / person
  • Taroudant - Agdz : 40.00 € / person
  • Agdz - M'Hamid : 40.00 € / person
  • M'Hamid - Tisselday : 60.00 € / person
  • Tisselday - Marrakech : 40.00 € / person

Hotel / Riad

Riad Baladin - Essaouira

  • Double room including breakfast:70/80€*
  • Double room without breakfast:60/70€*
  • Triple room including breakfast:90/100€*
  • Triple room without breakfast:80/90€*
  • Single room with breakfast:50/60€*
  • Taxes:4€/night/person
* High season: Easter, Whitsun, Festivals, Christmas/New year


  • Riad Samsli (Double room with breakfast): 90€-100€


  • Riad Kasabat Annour (Double room with breakfast): 70€-120€

Agdz/Vallée du Draa

  • Riad Dar Qmar (Double room with breakfast): 80€-100€
  • Kasbah Azul (Double room with breakfast): 80€ -100€


  • Bivouac Le Petit Prince (1 night in a nomad tente, including dinner and breakfast): 35€/person

Aït ben haddou

  • Riad Caravane (Double room with breakfast): 80€-100€

Grand Désert

  • Caravane (1 night open air or in a tente, pension complète and transport by camels): 60€/person


  • Guest house I Rocha (Double room with dinner and breakfast): 40€/personne